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  Photographers   Boris BUSYGIN 
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Boris did select very the interesting and, so to speak, extreme [ maximum ] form Photos. Why extreme? In its time, Picasso, examining works Photografov he said approximately thus: now I know as not necessary to sketch! Busygin, which is very friendly with the the Kurgan Photographers, was expressed in the same spirit: I know as not necessary to photograph!
Equipment of the highest class (Cambo 6x7, ya".khshch", Rolleyflex 6x6, Nicon F70, the illuminating equipment Hensel), objectives for thousands of dollars and umbrellas and supports for hundred make it possible to obtain Photos and the slides of the highest quality and prorabotannosti. The amateurs, who look at the work of master they are surprised: where it took this trough so as to appear the photograph of enormous sizes. And only professionals with the envy look at its works: trough is not problem, he even does not manifest itself, problem, that for such large Photos is necessary special equipment, otherwise with a great increase image will near appear by such, such as it exists in reality during the photographing by cheap equipment - washed away. Photos for external advertisement and polygraphy - here is the basic business of Boris Busygin.
Boris uses in his work not only professional appraturu, - very frequently for setting of his still life he priglashet professional artists, who especially thinly feel composition.
It is complicated to represent in our gallery precisely of the work Of Busygin - they, as a rule, look only when large - by the half-walls. Well and, of course, from its works designers make the splendid prezentatsionnye booklets

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